GrandRecovery provide the ability to build a front UI under TestDisk & PhotoRec. TestDisk & PhotoRec works like backend server, you can build a client UI. The client and the backend can located on the same computer or different computer. At current version, the GrandRecovery only provide IPC method to works with client tier, but we may provide socket interface to work with client tier in the future, and then client and the backend can located in different computers.

GrandRecovery latest version is 0.1beta. You can download the binary relase here.
You can download the source code here(TestDisk & PhotoRec source code are included)
You can build the src by Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.
You can also download orginal version of TestDisk & PhotoRec from this page:
Please notice:
Because testdisk is continued to release new version, so other source code( or newest version) downloaded from testdisk may not compatible with this release.
This software is under GNU General Public License v2.0 or later, see more details about GPLv2 here .
Any problem, please mail me ZanJun Chen

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